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We Are Quality Oriented Desi & Thai Food & Quality Serving Delivery, Takeaway and Dine In.

Joins and you will find yourself in the heart of Bangkok with full Desi environment and culture. Offering the finest food to all of residents of Bangkok and travelers alike.


Monday - Saturday | 9AM - 1AM
Saturday - Sunday | 9AM - 4AM

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Quality Ingredients, Tasty Meals

Mouth watering Desi in Thailand feel at home restaurant and room service. You can now enjoy your stay in affordable, convenient and quality way in Bangkok, order and enjoy top quality food.


Korma, Karahi, BBQ and Kebabs

Desi Karahi Special


Karahi, BBQ and Kebabs

Desi Style

Thai Specialities

Rice Thai Style

Best of Bangkok

BBQ Specials

Natural unpressed ham, fontina, provolone, aioli, fresh tomato

Sizzling Hot

Kebab Specials

Our handmade meatballs baked in savory marinara with melted cheese

Desi Style

Good Food | Halal / Desi & Thai​

Top Menu

Halal & Desi Food!

Best Desi Restaurant in Bangkok, Thailand

We focus on selling only Halal food and Desi style dishes are our specialty and the famous Chicken Karahi is the delicious delight for everyone in Bangkok or visiting. Being accessible by cabs and metros easily we sell food with quality and yummy taste.

Happy Customers!

"Like they promised, good quality good taste."

- Shamika Smith

"Divine Foodx is an ideal place for anyone looking for Halal food or Pakistani and Indian dishes in Bangkok. Very responsive!"

- A Desi Business Traveler

"Breath of fresh air in finding home like food at this Bangkok eating place"

- Monica Tata

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